Lesson Plan Bundle 1


At the Beach, Bugs, Disco, Jungle, Pirates

Our themed lesson plans are designed to spark imaginations.

Children learn through play. Our plans can be used as a whole theme of the week or for you to cherry pick activities. They are designed for baby and preschool or learn to swim classes.

5 Jam-packed sensory swim plans to support themes for:

At the Beach, Bugs, Disco, Jungle, Pirates.


Use our themed lesson plans to support your “Aquatic Classrooms.”  They are full of discovery play to explore

all of the senses.

This lesson plan bundle supports the popular themes of At the Beach, Bugs, Disco, Jungle, Pirates.

Each plan has been carefully designed and lovingly created in graphic form. Each includes supporting rhymes, songs or a sign of the week.

The Aqua Sensory approach is more than just setting the pool up as a space to learn to swim.  It takes an attuned approach to Early Years, blending approaches from Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Steiner.

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” ~ Albert Einstein

Use our lesson plans to ignite your imagination to set up your sessions to challenge, but also reassuring. This blend of the safe and familiar with the stimulating will aid all learning styles. For the sensory seeker or confident child or for the sensory avoider, or timid child as each child will learn and express their curiosity in different ways.

Each themed lesson plan is carefully thought through to support a theme, which can be changed weekly or at a frequency to suit you to build familiarity in your classes.



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