EYFS Translated to Baby Swim


“The pool is more than a place to learn to swim.”

Our five fact sheets are designed to support the swimming and the early years professional. Detailing the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework (EYFS) milestones and the swimming milestone.

Communication, Language & Literacy
Physical Development
Personal, Social & Emotional Development
Understanding the World
Expressive Arts & Designs

For key 5 EYFS Development stages between birth and four.



Our series of 5 Fact sheets break down the EYFS into developmental ages to give you the EYFS milestone and the swimming milestone.

Perfect for the swimming and early year professional.

The Aqua Sensory approach is our child development programme to learning within the water.

This approach links beautifully with many aspects outlined in the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework, used in Early Years settings and schools across the country to monitor and establish progress of learning for children.

The Aqua Sensory approach weaves into this statutory framework, clearly demonstrating how experiencing sessions in the water with your little one, not only encourage confidence in the water itself and begin laying the foundations for future swimming, but also how much learning actually takes place for the child, without even realising.

The natural skin to skin contact that takes place in the water between baby and parent builds those primary relationships and develops children’s personal, social and emotional development, with so much research to support the importance of these early relationships built and a child’s future development of relationships and their own self.

The physical development that occurs in the water through kicking legs, tummy time and reaching for objects encourage muscle development, hand-eye co-ordination and also heightens a child’s overall sensory awareness.
The communication and language of a child builds through close one on one time with the parent with no distractions, a calming environment and opportunities for repetition and small group activities.

The perfect aquatic classroom to enhance a child’s ever-growing development.

The perfect education tool for you.
“The pool is more than a place to learn to swim.”


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