Emotions in Water Masterclass


This masterclass is written to provide you with a comprehensive support guide for your swim families by understanding emotions. Which in life’s success terms, good emotional skills are just as important as physical swim skills.

This course is for industry professionals serious about taking their knowledge to the next level. Our interactive online workshops include audio, video and downloadable summary notes.



Emotions in Water. A Masterclass.

A practical emotional health and wellbeing guide for the early years.

For aquatic and early years professionals teaching babies and young children.

Each of the five modules has been written to provide a balance of the theory and the practical, with extra support from downloadable Fact Sheets, audios and videos for you and your parents you support too. Written conjunction with phycologists, nurture coaches, aquatic therapists and well-being experts in their fields.

One of the best indicators of success for a child is their emotional happiness and balance in life. It goes without saying, every swim teacher and parent’s goal is that we all want all our children to thrive in and out of the pool. The pool provides so many opportunities to foster close bonds and support the child’s whole development. 

This masterclass is written to provide you with a comprehensive support guide for your swim families by understanding emotions. Which in life’s success terms, good emotional skills are just as important as physical swim skills.

This masterclass is designed as a practical guide and an ethos that you can apply to everything you do. Part of this masterclass is access to our support Aqua Sensory Teacher Group too. 

We look forward to you joining.

Here is what is included in each module:

This is a full course, a conscious way of nurturing emotions.



    • Emotions, Feelings, Moods: Translate in the Pool
    • Emotional well-being in water
    • Emotion an Inside Job: Pool Practice
  • Brainy Babies: Pool Practice
    • Early Experiences Matter
      Time to reshape?
    • Download: Parent Swim Love Letter
    • Positive and Negative Hormones: Balance is an inside job
    • Emotional Intelligence in Practice
    • Five Steps to Emotion Coaching
    • Emotions Reframing: Pool Practice
    • Let’s Talk about Co-Regulation: Pool Practice
  • From the Babies Eye
  • What are you Babies saying in the pool?
  • The Aqua Sensory Way: An Attuned and Mindful Approach
  • Pool Practice: Enjoy our video; Baby Giggles
  • Feeling Special
    – Enjoy Our Video: Emotions in Motion
    Sensory Sparks: Time to recap, take notes, your sensory takeaways.



MODULE TWO: It Starts with Us

– Model & Scaffold:
– Water is Reflective: Video
Cues Give Us Clues
– What is Your Heart Saying Today? Pool Practice
Grounded, Balanced and Neutral
– Mindful Audio: Grounded, Balanced & Neutral
Let’s set Intentions, Instead of setting outcomes
– Reflective Practice: Download: A Practice in itself
– Are You Ready to Turn the Lens?
– Download: Wellbeing Boosters

Module THREE: The Swim Journey

  • How Swimming Meets Sensory Needs
  • Magical and Mindful Water
  • How We Play WITH Water
  • Water Helps Us Feel: Pool Practice
  • Water’s Touch: Enjoy our Video
  • The Swim Journey: Video
  • How Are You Feeling?


    • Consent and Child Respect
    • Taking the Lead from the Child
      – Tuning into Baby While Swimming
    • Enjoy our video: Discovering how I feel
    • I am Unique: Common Cues 
  • Listen to Baby: Pool Practice
  • Borders and Boundaries
  • Downloadable: Communication & Cues
  • Mindful Moves: Pool Practices to aid Tuning In
  • Enjoy our video: Star Gazing
  • Enjoy our video: What Moves Us
  • Download: A parent Practice: A Mindful Moment
  • Enjoy our video: Shared Moments of Joy; Baby Bubbles
  • Baby Loves Copying You: Pool Practices for Parents
  • The Whys: The Neuro-Science of Emotions
  • The Art of Observation
  • Observation Practical Exercise: The More you listen, the more you may hear.
  • Video: Time to ATTUNE your Senses: What do you see, hear and feel?
  • Sensory Takeaways


    • Connecting the Dots; On-going support
    • And …..Breathe: Pool Practices
    • Slow work, Fast work, Flow work
    • Reframing our Holds & Moves
    • Let’s Play: Download
    • Curiosity, wonder and awe


  • Colourful Emotions: Download
    • Emotions of Sound: Download
    • Words to support emotional development
    • Parent Messages: Video
    • It’s ok when the baby doesn’t like it 
    • Leaving the Pool
      – Familiar Pool Stories
  • Emotions in Water: A Practical Teacher Toolkit: Download
  • Conscious Language, Reframing the Moment: Audio Interview
  • Managing Challenging Behaviours: Download
  • Check-In: Time to Pause

What’s Next?

  • Join our Aqua Sensory Teacher Group.
  • Download our Masterclass Certificate 
  • Display your course badge

This isn’t simply a course that you tick off your list.

It’s a masterclass and an emotional approach in water, that you can apply to everything you do.


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