Aqua Sensory in Practice


An Attuned Approach, Emotions, Our Amazing Senses, The Aquatic Classroom.

Our Fact Sheets are designed to support the early year’s educator or swim professional in providing sensory sparks and a background to the Aqua Sensory ethos.

There are so many approaches to swimming. The Aqua Sensory approach brings dry land therapies and an early year’s learning approach into the pool.

This fact sheet series underpins our approach, we have cherry-picked and summarised our top tips for you.



Our world is changing, and our children’s development is changing. Aqua Sensory meets these demands, we have developed an attuned approach to learning in water.

The optimum learning environment is a sensory rich one, where all our senses are working in HARMONY.

Written by Occupational Therapists and Health Professionals our fact sheets are designed to bring the latest knowledge and research into the pool.

An Attuned Approach: our one-page download will provide you with our child-led ethos in a nutshell, to support children’s confidence, curiosity and sensory development.

Emotions: our one-page download details a new way to support emotional intelligence in the pool.

Our Amazing Senses: This one-page download provides you with a snap shot of our sensory aware approach.

The Aquatic Classroom: This one-page download provides a new away of seeing the pool, from an early year’s perspective.

Our ethos has been TRIED-TESTED AND TUNED and written in conjunction with Early Years and Health Professionals


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