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This course is for swim teachers and early year professionals, it is designed to spark your interest into sensory exploration in the pool. We give you our highlights, sensory passion and ideas so you can make a difference right away.


This course is for industry professionals who are serious about taking their knowledge one step further. This in-depth course covers all areas of sensory exploration in the pool. We will give you all our background research, knowledge and guidance.

What people are saying about Aqua Sensory

It has been a fantastic experience to be part of Aqua Sensory lessons and learn so much about simple everyday things such as breathing to calm down or eye contact with a smile.

Emma & Alice

Aqua Sensory is perfect for my son, he likes to spend time really exploring things 
in his own time and in his own way! He zooms to space, climbs on the pirate ship. It’s the highlight of our week!

Amanda & Jonah

I enjoy being part of a group, where we share ideas, my lessons are much more child focused and creative now since starting Aqua Sensory.

Samantha Dalton


Well I have been on many seminars. 27 years of teaching swimming. Just Brilliant Jo! Thank you for sharing your love and your ideas. I am going away to fun fill my lessons.”

Jo Whiteman

Swim with Jo

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