Success is simple when you’re in a Tribe!

The world of sensory can be a confusing one, here at Aqua sensory we are developing resources to reduce the sense of being overwhelmed. Let’s put the sense back into the pool, together! We are not trying to reinvent the wheel, we are creating a new vehicle for our changing world, on a new sensory journey.

Aqua Sensory Tribe membership is the essential resource for the professional swim teacher, aqua therapist or early years educator. Tribe membership gives you a collaboration of super smart sensory experts at your fingertips and all the successful ingredients to take your classes to the next level.

Are you sensory aware?

We all want our children to thrive. Aqua Sensory gives our children and parents the perfect recipe for success. Aqua Sensory is a new attuned approach and teaching ethos. It’s not simply a course to tick off the list.  


Why join our Tribe?

Strength is in sharing.
New approaches require new methods.
We are observing cutting edge research and developments from around the world!


We want to create…the most informed and up-to-date bank/library for you, that sets safety standards of sensory practice in the pool.

A ‘POOL’ of resources that meets your needs as well as those of our children.

Tribe members can gain access from anywhere in the world!

We believe in life-long learning and sharing to make a difference.


Our world is changing … we are now aware that the way we move, play and talk to our children has a huge impact on their development.  Time pressures and technology can all have a negative impact as well. All babies and young children have sensory preferences and can be sensitive at times in the pool.  At Aqua Sensory we show you how to take time, so you can be much more sensitive to your children’s sensory needs.

Being an Aqua Sensory Tribe member is perfect for any swim teacher, parent or early years professional, looking to enhance a child’s development and strengthen the parent bond. It is an easy way to digest sensory education, so you can take a more attuned child-led approach across your whole program.

Here at Aqua Sensory we are on a mission to provide updated resources and sensory swim and water education to support our changing world.

I enjoy being part of a group, where we share ideas. My lessons are much more child focused and creative now since starting Aqua Sensory.

Samantha Dalton, Flutterbabies, UK


In 2012 Christian and Jo Wilson, founders of Aqua Sensory, started their sensory journey after attending a workshop for parents. They showed a series of movements to help calm children, to aid balance and increase brain connections. This was the light bulb moment to how sensory activities can positively impact a child’s development. Their passion for all things sensory started! They began to incorporate sensory play into the pool, which is the perfect environment because of water’s innately multi-sensory nature.

Today Aqua Sensory has become a collaborative education resource. Aquatic therapist and educator, Sophia Michalopoulou has joined our Tribe’s creative team. By making new connections, we are joining the sensory dots in the water.

Thank you to our contributors and experts…

The programme has been researched, tested and refined by working with industry professionals like Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Health and Early Year Professionals, Speech and Language Therapists, Yoga and Massage teachers, Reflexologists and Rhythmic Movement and Brain Gym® therapists.

This is going to give families a headstart in life!

Ulrika Fearch

Swim Educator

Aqua Sensory provides a wonderful bridge between the familiar watery world before birth and the bright, noisy, gravity-based world of dry land.

Liz Wright

Brain Gym Instructor

We believe in life-long learning and sharing to make a difference.


Who is the Tribe Membership for?

The Aqua Sensory Tribe Membership is for swimming teachers, early years educators, aqua therapists, anyone working with water and with children. Or parents who have an interest in their child’s early years and water.

I am not a qualified swimming teacher, but interested, can I still join?

Yes of course! Aqua Sensory is not a qualification, but it will give you a new teaching ethos and approach to your classes as well as knowledge.

I have just discovered this and it is part way through the year, is it too late to join now?

No you can join our Tribe at any time your annual membership will mean you have access to the bank of resources from the moment you join.

Do I need a Facebook account?

No you don’t! Our membership group is accessible anywhere in the world, with your special log in on our website.

Will you be adding new content or is everything there already?

We will be adding in new material every month so there will be something new for you. Being a Tribe member also gives you discounts, the latest updates and access to all our mini courses online too. Plus you will have the chance to put your own ideas and experiences in for content and courses too.

Can I get one-on-one help and support?

Our membership group gives you access and expert insights, but we can also arrange additional 1-2-1 support too.