Let’s get sensory aware -dive in our downloads.

Downloads – take off free ones and just have the activity guides – we will add.
Copy and graphics and content already given.

Online courses

Foundation and Advanced – lift from current site.



I wanted to message you straight away to let you know, I am really enjoying working through and doing the online courses.

Carol, Aqua Aims

Your courses have really opened my eyes to the whole swim journey from the eyes of a baby and how sensory is so important.

Lauren Lewis Swimming

It was really great to do this course to gain ideas and also explore the science behind senses. I feel this is the very beginning of my journey to exploring Aqua Sensory and I’m excited to find out more. I now feel like a sponge ready to soak up more sensory knowledge!

Jayne Christie, Swimming Teacher

Amazing foundation and advanced course! Totally changed my views on how to teach and how to adapt with our surroundings!

Kelly Munson, Thimblehall Swimming School-Wigton

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