Let me take you on a story!

We love World Book Day, here at Aqua Sensory. Stories allow children to follow a path, from the start to the middle and the end.

Stories allow children to use their imaginations, to create magical moments.

You could be ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’, being ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’, or ‘The 3 Little Pigs’. Fairies, mermaids and superheroes can all evoke the timid child to suddenly come out with a flash of confidence that was hidden beneath the surface.

They can be whoever they want to be in the story, have the freedom to act out their dreams and desires. It can create a story for the parents to be part of and model too.

Fuelling curiosity can start with a little research.

Find out what your children’s favourite stories are. But also think back…. what were your favourite stories as a child? If you believe in the story and the magic, this will be transferred to the pool.

Shall we take you on our story? Are you ready ….

“We are Going on a Bear Hunt.”

Watch our little video

This World Book Day, our children loved sharing our signs; Bear, River, Grass.

Little wash mitts became our little bears to sit over pool noodles, around the pool and round and round.

Our children loved our “teddy bear turns.”

Puppets are also great for communication skills and role-playing in the pool.

Through the long wavy grass – so children could feel our silk scarfs and dive for sinkers in the pool.

Through the river – we created a whirl-pool current for swim drafts and rapid swims.

Stumble trip, stumble trip through the forest– swimming isn’t always a straight line – what a fantastic parent education message!

Through the snow-storm – a watering can or jug can create sprinkles and droplets of water – a great time for parents to model in the pool and enjoy the water together.

To reach the deep dark cave – a woggle arch or raft can be used to swim through. Front and back swims and rotations to find the little bear at the end for lots of little “teddy bear cuddles.”

A lovely happy ending.

Children can unfold and be who they want to be!

Share with us your swim stories, what are your favourites?

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We can’t wait to connect with you.