Aqua Sensory Teacher

Aqua Sensory is a child-led approach. At Aqua Sensory we teach from a child’s perspective. This is a shift in awareness as well as in practice. It asks that we observe, listen and then act upon the cues we are receiving from the child rather than habitually applying what we already know.

The Aqua Sensory teacher, for example, knows when to act and when to step back and listen to what parents and children are saying. She is aware of herself and what she brings to the water.

She knows that she is not the centre of our attention here: the Aqua Sensory child is. She waits, she watches and she wonders how can I meet his needs?

The Aqua Sensory Teacher has many tools in her kit

She knows how to speak many ‘languages’ so she can meet as many children and their families as possible in the Aquatic Classroom.

She understands that learning is a never-ending process and that the best of it comes over time and with personal experience.

Knowing how to slow down herself to take the time to learn, listen and wonder are valuable skills to the Aqua Sensory Teacher. Many children and adults today are struggling with sensory overwhelm from our busy buzzy online lives.

The Aqua Sensory teacher knows how to reduce the amount of sensory input to the individual’s sensory processing speed so that they can learn from an embodied state rather than overwhelm.

The Aqua Sensory Teacher knows how to listen

Our capacity to listen to what our children are saying is fundamental to our Aqua Sensory practice.

The more we listen the more we hear

This comes with practice and the intention of listening to what babies and children are saying. We listen in fact with all of our senses, babies and children are better at this than an adult’s filtered brain.

Children communicate in 101 ways. Verbal communication is only 9% of how we communicate. When we know our NO is listened to we feel safe. When we know our YES is met we are receiving confirmation that what we are doing is right.

The Aqua Sensory Teacher appreciates how together we make an even bigger difference.

One of our key tasks as an Aqua Sensory teacher is to communicate our teaching ethos effectively to parents so that we can create positive change for our children together.

Essentially, we were seeing that the old way of prescriptive early years teaching was not really meeting the needs of our children. Our families in the water need role models they remember for life.

The Aqua Sensory teacher is also characterized by her ability to work together with others both professionally, and in the relationships that she builds in the water.

Aqua Sensory is as much about emotions and social skills as it is about swim knowhow.

Together we make a difference.

What we bring to the pool matters for more reasons than one.

The Aqua Sensory teacher engages in a reflective practice either alone or with her team. Our sharing circles and annual Tribe gatherings are as much about this as they are about updating you on what we’ve been up to.

We believe in the value of helping each other grow and develop those skills and practices we need to meet our children where they are at rather than where we want them to be.

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We firmly believe that together we can make a difference and there is no need to be out there feeling overwhelmed and alone.

See you soon, we look forward to connecting with you!