As Aqua Sensory enters a New Year and a new decade, we’ve been reflecting on what we want to be focusing our attention on and how we wish to make a difference in baby swimming.

We know from our Aquatic Classroom practices that clear intentions create clear outcomes.

Have you been reflecting on what you wish to achieve the most?  Or what you hold most dear to your hearts?

Togetherness is our 2020 vision

We firmly believe that together we can make a difference. When we get to the heart of our intentions, we can get a sense of what we need to do to move forward.

On February 9, the Aqua Sensory Tribe is coming together to celebrate our togetherness. We’re going to look at the ways we work together in creating connections in the pool.  And how our growing tribe can work together to make an even bigger difference.

The founders, Christian and Jo Wilson, will be presenting.

By working together, we have a stronger impact on making a difference. Shared practices and shared messages in our pools and on our social media walls amplify the ripple effect of our intentions. The world is changing; these are urgent times.

What are the most important messages you would like to get out into the world?

By working together as a tribe, our messages can reach families faster.

Here’s another question for our Aqua Sensory Tribe vision board: how do we make a difference in a tribe?

  • We can break through new ground
  • And we are inspired by what we see in each other’s work.
  • We become open to new ways, ideas and perspectives,
  • We evolve with each other’s work by adding missing pieces of information or know-how.
  • And we lift each other through the doubt and uncertainty
  • We identify mutual messages that have more of an impact when we communicate them together.

Sharing our knowledge

We also want to share some of the practical ways we have been developing togetherness at Aqua Sensory with you.

New professional collaborations, new business practices and our new Parent Partnership Approach which we look forward to sharing a little bit more of with you in the pool, so do bring your swimming costumes if you are joining us at Swim Works in Leamington Spa on January 9th.

The Aqua Sensory Tribe gathering is open to old and new Aqua Sensory Tribe members.

For more information email us on info@aquasensory.com

At Aqua Sensory we Try, Test and Tune our practices so that we can get clear outcomes of what’s working and what is not.

We Wait, We Watch and We Wonder so that our intentions can become practical takeaways with real results.

Our Sharing Circles are an open invitation to everyone.

Last year we participated in local and international collaborations. The sense of togetherness and unlimited possibilities we gained from those experiences was immense.

We are certain this is the way forward. Together we connect the dots to form the bigger picture for 2020 and beyond.

We are looking forward to sharing this vision with our Tribe.

Together we make a difference!