As we look back over the year, we take stock and give ‘thanks’… it’s the small successes that make a difference to the bigger picture.

So, what did we get up to in 2019 here at Aqua Sensory?

The first few months of the year were deeply immersed in writing new aquatic resources and expanding the structure for our new web site to incorporate an even bigger vision.

Our mission was to create an online learning platform that makes a difference from a child’s point of view.  But we realised there were a lot more dots to connect if we wanted to address a more inclusive picture of what we’ve seen babies and children bring to the water.

Our world is changing and so are our children’s needs. Often faster than we can keep up with. These are urgent times. We knew we needed a different approach to making a difference. And so we waited, we watched and we wondered.

Aquatic partnerships

We collaborated with Sophia Michalopoulou from Water Happy. We tried, tested and tuned new equipment and new approaches.  Lots of photographs were taken, experiences in the water shared with other aquatic professionals, and we reflected on what worked and what didn’t.

We forge new collaborations and have built partnerships as our Aqua Sensory tribe steadily grew. In May, the Sound, Water & Babies workshop brought together four aquatic professionals from four different countries.

With Laura Peist from Spain and Javier Gonzalez from Argentina, we look at how sound affects babies and children in the Aquatic Classroom. And we discuss how to bring about more awareness and work with consent. We shared our combined conclusions online for free.

Aqua Sensory Tribe

In June the NEW AQUA SENSORY Tribe Resources launched. And we were taking our time to tweak the technology necessary to communicate effectively with our tribe.

The Aqua Sensory tribe quickly grew and we could see we were making an even bigger impact around the world.

Aqua Sensory Instructors have been taking our child-led pedagogic ethos to conferences in Australia with Emmie Kitson and aquatic classrooms across China with Lisa Bousted.

Early Years TV

In October Jo Wilson was interviewed by Early Years TV establishing Aqua Sensory firmly within an early years learning context. Together, Jo and Christian presented Aqua Sensory at this year’s STA conference with the focus being on ‘Mindfulness in Baby Swimming.’

Impressive collaborations

The value of Aqua Sensory’s online learning platform was confirmed when the STA announced its partnership with Aqua Sensory for adding value and new ideas to baby swimming.

In December we partnered with Water Phobia to bring about a new aquatic awareness. Water Phobia is aligned with our ethos: being happy and relaxed in the water, and not simply ‘teaching’ people to swim.

Our collaborative approach has been a success to bring people together from different backgrounds with one common goal. Aqua Sensory facilitates change by introducing dry land therapies and resources into the aquatic classroom.

We think outside the box to meet the next generation. And we take the time to try, test and tune to see what works and what doesn’t.

Join us

We are wrapping up for Christmas and a fantastic 2019. And we look forward to our 2020 Vision unfolding with new resources and new collaborations. If you would like to work with us, do get in touch.

Together we can make an even bigger difference for the future we wish to create.

Thank you for all your ongoing support, we love making a difference and being part of a Tribe.

Wishing you all lots of sensory smiles and best wishes.