Christmas is that special time of year which all too often becomes overwhelming even if it comes with presents and good cheer.

At our swim school, Swim Works this year we’re going green and reducing the amount of plastic and inflatable toys in the pool and focusing on what matters most.

You and your loved ones matter the most!

From experience, we know that the love for water does not come from the toys we put in it but from the quality time we spend together in it.

Water is so incredibly valuable because it brings us closer together, there is no better place this Christmas for you and me time. The best present ever!

In our Aquatic Classrooms we focus on quality time rather than passing the time. Water asks as to slow down and be more present. There are no phones, no flat screens and no parallel distractions.

Our Water Parent Partnership approach means we are getting our parents involved as much as possible.

We encourage and we support both of you in the water so that the swim journey becomes your journey together.

We believe that there is nothing more your child wants or needs but quality time spent with the ones she loves the most: you.

Water brings us together naturally.

Our Aqua Sensory early years pedagogy focuses on what makes the learning experience more meaningful. We are not about entertaining but about engaging both parents and little ones in the water.

In water we can stay still, we listen, we feel and then we swim. Together we Wait, Watch and Wonder what else can our children possibly do? We give children the gift of time to develop in their own unique way. We give them the gift of our listening ear and our praising eye.

Swimming together is quality time together and we’re here to strengthen those precious bonds for life. Together we get curious, we discover new abilities and develop love and respect for one another.

Our use of equipment in the pool is Tried, Tested and Tuned which means we use toys in the pool which have been assessed for their learning value and are used in a way which enriches your child’s skills and abilities.

We don’t want to replace you we want to include you as much as possible!

When we plan our lessons we think of the bigger picture.

How is everyone included, how is everyone supported, how is everyone learning and progressing?

This Christmas we are taking the time to reflect on what matters most in our classes. What is the essence of our learning together and how can we enhance it so that it lasts forever.

This is our gift to you.

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