Water is a very special medium for baby sensory swimming

Water is a very special medium for babies which of course are already very familiar with it from being in the amniotic waters in the womb.

Water is fluid, agile, soft and gentle, caressing and comforting. In fact, there are so many benefits to this unique element.  

At Aqua Sensory, we use water as a learning environment. You could say that at Aqua Sensory we are developing our sense of water rather than learning to swim.

Loris Malaguzzi, the founder of the Reggio Emilia preschools, says: the environment is your third teacher. 

So, let’s make the water our teacher!

Water is a multidimensional environment which provides the body with an immersive, multi-sensory experience. 

Freedom of movement

Water provides freedom of movement.

Babies can move in many more ways in water than they can on dry land.

Their arms and legs freely move with the ease of repetitive movements created by primitive reflexes, propelling them along.

On the floor, their heads can feel heavy, whilst in the pool, the water gently supports the head and neck muscles and strengthens the core. 

In our linear, static world, the opportunity to move freely from birth strengthens connections in the brain so that they become permanent and not pruned away.


Brain Gains

Especially in the early years of brain development water helps us maintain and strengthen more brain synapses than we would on land. This benefit of water alone naturally accelerates our learning development which many studies now show is of evident benefit at school as well.

Pathways are strengthened for vision, vestibular, motor control much needed for higher learning skills such as reading, writing, sitting still and listening.

At Aqua Sensory we are creating strong connections in water.

Multidimensional like me

Multi-sensory in its very nature

Splash it and water will splash you back.
Feel the coolness or warmth on the skin.
Enjoy how the colour blue automatically calms the mind.
Lick it and taste it.
Listen to the little sprinkles.
Feel light, buoyant and spin round, feel free.
Make wonderful loud water waves.
See the light catching the ripples.
Feel comforted and calm as the hydrostatic pressure cushions the whole body.

Water allows us to engage our senses all at the same time.
Water meets the evolving needs of our multitasking, multi-able children.



Last but not least, for now, we include FUN as one of water’s most important benefits.
Purposeful and discovery play in water add to an element of fun which is clearly infectious.
Water adds a feel-good value to the learning experience which has a long-lasting effect.

Water is special

In fact, the benefits of water last a lifetime so next time we are in it lets wave hello to the water too!

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