Our children are naturally curious, they often ask the question WHY?

Magic kids phrase why?

Their inner heart desires are to question and ponder.  They experiment and explore the world with interest. But when does the WHY question stop? When do they start to switch off? What can we do as parents and educators to keep our children’s hearts and desires alive? To keep the questions coming, to add more of the WHY into their daily lives.

Let’s start by reflecting upon the day to day words we use, the words we use with positive re-enforcement. How are we brain training our children, helping them to shape their core values and beliefs?


Do you reward their questioning, when they are asking their WHYs?  Or reward the answer.

It is not our job to come up with all the answers for them.

To lay out their paths, in fact, if we observe and stand back.

If we allow ourselves to wait, watch and wonder.

Our children will find their own way.

Their body and minds are much more capable than we give them credit for.

Often as adults are on auto-pilot, we don’t mean to, but our brains have a nifty way of filtering out all the sensations that our children feel. For them, the pool and the water holds so much, joy, magic and marvel. The simple sprinkles, the big splashes.

It is important to keep the magic alive.

At Aqua Sensory our program helps foster a strong sense of themselves.

We follow the child’s lead, we offer them space where they can ask many WHYS.

How do we do this? In a class, in the water? In a deliverable and practical way?

Parent message

We often use a parent message, followed by a swim move.

Here is just one example for you we give our swim parents in our classes:

“Meet your passions with your child’s passions and encourage them to dream.
Stay curious and ask them about their dreams.
Encourage your child to dream big.
Dreaming helps us connect to our imaginations.
Limitless imaginations allow us to fly!
Let’s fly together.”

Children swimming

Support messages

Does this parent message resonate with you? What are your support messages?

This is what Aqua Sensory is all about, sharing our resources and inspirations so we can grow together. In our new Tribe platform, we will give you a regular insight into our classes, our parent messages and resources.

We have connected all the dots to bring a resource together that reflects our WHY.

So let’s turn the WHYs and questions to ourselves.

Do you have an inner WHY? A purpose, a clear direction?

If you run a business or class, do you know your WHY?

We started with our WHY!

We have been busy connecting the dots so that we can put the sense back in the pool in an applied way.

We are leading by example while change is happening all around us.

We are about PASSION with a capital P.

Why Aqua Sensory?

1. Aqua Sensory is a mindful, attuned child-centered approach to swimming.

2. We are simplifying and identifying best practices for the pool, improving standards.

3. We collaborate, we pool our knowledge, we connect with experts in their fields, to create our Tribe resources.

4. Our resources are accessible globally and updatable, they will grow as our program grows.

5. We are not just about offering solutions. Our purpose is to guide and allow our children to develop a strong sense of oneself, to unfold in their own unique way and in their own time.

That’s our WHY.


What we stand for.

Aqua Sensory was born out of the desire to seek a heart-felt change.

To create a central resource that makes sense.

Do you know your business or your life’s WHY?

Is your WHY heart-felt?

We have a genuine desire to; connect aquatic and early year professionals together, to share resources and make a difference.

Our principles

Our story is linked to our core principals, for which we are so passionate about and never waiver.

Reflecting here at Aqua Sensory, we feel the world is changing and this is having an impact on our children’s health, well-being, and development. We see the pool as the perfect place to help deliver positive messages to support positive change.

Often, we observe our aquatic industry drivers are built upon negativity, fear and numbers; how big the swim school is, how many swimmers could be fitted into a class. Success is often measured upon how fast it takes the child to drown-proof themselves or swim in a six-week crash course.

Swimming approaches are often linear and mechanical. We sometimes feel some teachers have misunderstood what it means to be sensory aware in the pool. We often observe there is too much information, too many resources, too many different approaches and practices, so they can be fully absorbed and practised.

Do you feel this too? Let’s hear all about your WHYS and your passions.

The thing about PASSION is it’s infectious, We have a genuine desire to; connect aquatic and early year professionals together, to share resources and make a difference.

This is the Aqua Sensory Way

Let’s connect and collaborate together. We’d love to hear from you.

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