Aquatic Collaborations

Ever had a question you didn’t have the answer for? Or an idea you wished you had someone to share it with? We find that by sharing our thoughts openly with other professionals we are going deeper than we would have by ourselves.

As we become aware of our multidimensional nature we understand how our thoughts, emotions, physical capacities, and special awareness are all informing our systems. Nothing stands alone and nothing is separate.

We are all unique in the ways we combine all these aspects of ourselves. More importantly, unique in the way these get expressed in our everyday lives and of course in the pool too.

One method or way does not fit all, especially since we are realising how wonderfully complex we all are. Our awareness is much larger than meets the eye.  That goes for babies, too, even if they don’t have the cognitive capacity to put the bigger picture together.

The more we evolve our own understanding, the more we realise it is simply impossible to be an expert in all areas. We are, first and foremost, passionate about the way water can help us learn and develop more of who we are as well as proud swim school owners ourselves.

We recognize that we are already working with water which is a very powerful multidimensional medium in itself. However, we are aware that many other methods and land-based therapies are being developed too, which would have an even greater benefit if practised in water.

We too are curious and wish to explore, develop and learn!

So we turn to the experts themselves, looking for more clues and answers. To find ways to address new needs and ever-expanding awareness.

We know for sure that together we make a difference. We trust the process of forging new professional relationships with people who are also open to connecting and growing in themselves.

Every new human connection brings new understanding and new possibilities for both parties. We hold interviews, share water time together and then we pool our knowledge and expertise through our reflective practice.

Our recent Sound, Water and Babies workshop in Leamington Spa has been a 4-way collaboration from people across four different countries. All with a different focus on the same subject. 

Developing safe practices when using sound around babies and children in water is now more informed. It has a much broader spectrum of understanding. It also has the potential of reaching a much wider audience, faster and around the globe. So do keep an ear out as this will be launched on our membership platform in July 2019.

Aqua Sensory cherry picks themes, ideas, and practices, which we facilitate an understanding for aquatic professionals. This is by creating new resources which we communicate online and develop their application in the pool.

This is what we call our Tried Tested and Tuned method.

Aqua Sensory is not a diagnostic tool but a teaching ethos which brings more awareness and mindfulness in water. We want to gain a better understanding of how our multidimensional nature works, how we can better support it to unfold, and to strengthen it through water’s touch.

For example, by working with Sarah Noble-Kendrick from Attune we gained a more sensitised approach to the mother and child bonding process and the ways attachment might manifest itself in our Aqua Sensory classes.

At Aqua Sensory we wait, we watch and we wonder by slowing down ourselves so that we can be more present to what is going on. The more we slow down the more we notice and so we are gaining deeper insights into what our children are actually showing us rather than running things past them in a hurry.

By careful and deliberate observation, we are gaining new insights which we can then deepen through our Expert Insights Collaborations. As an Aqua Sensory Tribe member, you too can take part in this by submitting a collaboration proposal if you have expertise in an area which can be applied in water or you have a question that you would like more input on.

More questions create more answers. This is how together we are making a difference.

We look forward to sharing with you.

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