The Aqua Sensory Way

The world is changing, we’ve said this so many times before.

Yes, the world is a faster, denser and a much more multidimensional place than it ever was before. In so many ways our awareness is expanding as we are being called to change too.

In schools across the UK and the globe, there is a call for more play, mindful practices and a return to nature. Earth school, forest schools, and green schools are being introduced at a rapid rate.  As are dry land sensory classes, music and massage family classes, as well as an ever-broadening range of pregnancy and antenatal yoga classes.

A new language is appearing in our lives and across the World Wide Web bringing about a more conscious parenting approach.  Sensory buzz words and an overload of new information is often presented in an overly specialised way. In fact, our understanding of how our body and mind works has become more detailed than ever before.

Whilst we welcome this broadening, the results of this ‘sensory buzz’ of new activities for children, can sometimes drive parents to want to experience everything.

FOMO (fear of missing out) becomes a new phenomenon across daily life. A ping pong approach from parents trying lots of new classes means they are sometimes unable to fully enjoy the experiences.

We do not judge, but observe the drive for instant success and enjoyment; and the need to experience many classes in a short period of time. Parents, of course, have good intentions, but sometimes in the rush for more, they forget to check in with their children.

Quite often our children are on sensory overload. If we ask them what they would prefer, often a simple a day in nature or quiet time with a book would be their choice.

Sensory Buzz

We are now seeing the ‘sensory buzz’ expanding and are observing the interest of aquatic professionals too. We see the drive to add new ideas, creative toys, and sensory resources into the pool. The drive and search for new knowledge, new theories, and new disciplines.

But sometimes we feel there is simply too much information! Too much buzz! And in our eager search for more, we forget that the practice must start with ourselves. To fully embody the experience…  to be it … not just know it or …  do it.

In response to our changing world and to bring about a new awareness in the pool, we are adapting our practices, providing new resources, a new language, cutting through the ‘sensory buzz.’ We have created a pool of resources that can be easily adapted and made available for aquatic and early year professionals. A trusted source of knowledge and information, written by experts in their fields.

We have created an aquatic classroom to celebrate….to meet the needs of our classes, as a way of moving this global shift forward in a positive and proactive way.

We call this our ‘Tribe’ platform, where we can connect, embody experiences, reflect on our practices, share and grow together.

Our approach is the Aqua Sensory way.

Aqua Sensory Way

We are not looking to write your programs or to provide a prescriptive approach. We are not a diagnostic tool for specialized situations.

The Aqua Sensory way is a new teaching ethos which can be applied throughout your swim school.

✅ An inclusive approach to aquatic education.

✅  An attuned approach which brings about a new awareness of how to meet all children’s needs in the water.

✅  We see and work with water as a multidimensional environment. To us, the pool is much more than simply being a place to swim.

✅  An aquatic classroom which can meet the new and expanded understanding of ourselves, as well as the new needs that are immerging.

✅ We believe that this single shift in awareness alone has the capacity to revolutionize early aquatic education.

Tried, Tested, Tuned

We’ve been noticing the wave of change in the pool, most notably featuring children and their families with new needs or at least an awareness of their needs in ways that perhaps we weren’t as aware of before. Water has the capacity to meet these new needs, perhaps even better than on dry land.

As a leading developer of early learning pedagogy in the pool which has been brought about over time through a Tried, Tested and Tuned collaborative approach with leading experts in their fields, we are now in the position of being able to see the bigger picture. By connecting the dots we are now developing new resources for swimming professionals to help inform and guide us in the practical and applied ways of moving forward. We are now on count down… we are busy behind the scenes trying and testing our new Tribe platform, our new vehicle for learning … ready to share with you!


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