Making Sense of Sensory Cards

We firmly believe that together we can make a difference and there is no need to be out there feeling overwhelmed and alone.

We have said many times at Aqua Sensory, our world is changing and these new times, need a fresh approach. Our children are multi-dimensional and they are coming to the pool with new sensitives and developmental needs.

“If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.”

Ignacio Estrada

Connect the dots

The internet is full of resources on sensory activities and problems, but how many solutions are there for the pool?

You can google all the buzz words you need, but has anyone connected the dots and made sense of sensory activities for the pool?

That’s why we have produced practical guides to make more sense of our senses from a swimming perspective.

Guides like Sensory Reactions and Sensory Solutions, Sensory Systems, how to Support Individual Needs.

Let’s take pool noodles, for example, they can be highly sensory sensitive for many children. Do you know what sensory reaction is taking place? Do you have a number of sensory solutions? We struggled for a while.

Wait, Watch, Wonder

We took the time to observe our children, we waited, we watched and we wondered. Then we spoke and met with health professionals and Occupational therapists. We talked to our parents, we tried, tested and fine-tuned new activities. We built a new sensory swim picture.

With the pool noodle example, we recognize this is a tactile defensive response. We reflect; is this just today or a behaviour that will be presented weekly? We hold no judgments and nor do we diagnose. Often during different stages of the swim journey our babies, toddlers and children of all ages can be uncomfortable swimming on pool noodles. They sound and feel funny, they squeeze, they can be wobbly and unstable. We often cut them down to baby sizes, or put hand puppets on them, we model and play with them in different ways.

We simply found new ways to present pool equipment and developed a new attuned way of teaching.  As our adapted approaches started to break down barriers, we started to have many positive responses.

We can’t wait to share them with you!

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