There are a great many reasons why we think she is fab!

She is a cross between an octopus and a jellyfish and is intelligent in more ways than one.

Octopuses have blue blood, three hearts, eight legs, nine brains and these aren’t even the most unusual things about them.

They are multidimensional like no other animal. Known for their otherworldly look and remarkable intelligence, octopuses continue to reveal astonishing qualities, abilities, and behaviour.

Have you ever seen an octopus move? A 50-pound octopus can squeeze through a hole only two inches in diameter which is why you’re not really likely to see them in an aquarium. They’ve escaped!

An octopus is adaptable, mutable and can cunningly disguise themselves.

Octopus can change their colour and skin texture as well as walk away on two legs. They can use tools to build underwater cities and mums will sacrifice themselves to protect their young.

According to the Natural History Museum: “octopuses appear to be able to recognise individuals outside of their own species, including human faces”.

Research shows that an octopus can learn and remember by simply observing their surroundings. The incredible amount of neurons in their bodies allows them to move in a sensory way.

Little Miss Jelly, feels, moves and learns in more ways than one.

Jellyfish, on the other hand, have a simple nervous system — but given their relatively simple hardware, they show surprisingly sophisticated behaviour.

According to Quora: “jellyfish have a decentralised nervous system coupled with a variety of relatively sophisticated sensory organs to detect light, orientation, salinity, and physical stimulus and they can respond in a rapid and coordinated manner to these stimuli”

Jellyfish have successfully been living on this planet far longer than humans!

Little Miss Jelly inspires us and reminds us that we too are multidimensional human beings that sense, learn, move, love, play in a million ways and one.

By allowing time and space in the pool for our babies and children to interact with water and unfold from within, we are observing the many wonderful bits of intelligence that we all have.

We believe that the more we wait, watch and wonder the more we will discover about ourselves.

By facilitating rather than imposing a certain way of moving in the water, we are observing unique gifts and abilities that before we were overseeing.

Miss Jelly may seem just our little funny logo on the outside, but she plays a part in our thoughts across our resources and training materials.

Like everything we do, the small details matter. We look forward to revealing more to you soon as part of our new Tribe Membership platform.

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