Here at Aqua Sensory we feel very honored to be collaborating with Sophia Michalopoulou at #waterhappy. We touched based with Sophia to ask her why she chose to work with us at Aqua Sensory and at our pool. I do hope you can join us here at Aqua Sensory for these special workshops with #waterhappy




Native to the island of Corfu in Greece, I’ve grown up in crystal clear turquoise waters. On my mother’s side, the Pacific Ocean is my surf turf.

As an aquatic professional, I get to experience some pretty amazing swimming pools too. So when it comes to water, I’m pretty spoilt is what I really want to say here.

Every body of water has its own particularities from temperature to color and from depth to vibration to name but a few.

The #waterhappy approach helps us build a conscious relationship with water so that we can learn to love it and learn from it.

As aquatic professionals, we are also in a unique position to harness the energetic properties of water so that we become more effective educators and transmitters of lifelong skills.

The understanding of working with water rather than in water, requires a courageous shift in consciousness on our parts.

 With Aqua Sensory I found the level of understanding that says yes to working with water.

At Aqua Sensory the aquatic environment is approached as an integral part of our awareness as educators that work with water rather than just in it.

“So, I urge you let’s stop seeing the pool as a place that is just simply a place to teach children to swim!!” Jo Wilson founder of Aqua Sensory.

I was so #waterhappy to have found a tribe that spoke my language that a year ago, off I went to their home pool at Swim Works in Rugby to say hello.

And oh my, was I #waterhappy!

I found people with vision and with enough passion to actually be making a real big difference.

Jo and Christian Wilson not only love water, have their own individual expertise in water they also have the kind of work ethic that moves mountains.

To my good fortune what I found was not ‘fancy new ideas’ even if they do have exceptional in-house graphics, by the way.

I found people that believed in their water values enough to go ahead and put everything they owned into building not one but two purpose built pools.

At #waterhappy we learn that what is most important is the intention which we bring to the water and what I had before me was an aquatic master plan of an intention.

The Swim Works International Aquatic Centre at Royal Leamington Spa has been purposefully built with every single detail having been thought out in a sensory way.

I see it as a ‘pool school’ of sorts that specializes in early learning for the whole family with an educational approach that steps back and listens to what children are actually bringing to the water rather than just what we want them to learn.

My feet where #waterhappy and after spending hours talking, brain storming and reaching new levels of awareness with Jo Wilson, I realized how many of our values in and out of water actually merge.

Aqua Sensory has created a new wave that is getting bigger and bigger. Not only is it legitimizing an educational approach to water that has many parents changing mindset, it is also getting more and more aquatic professionals to sit back and listen to what goes on from within.

Knowing that together we can actually make even more of a difference, I am more than #waterhappy to join the Aqua Sensory tribe.

We have decided on a number of workshop dates over the next few months so that we can share the Auqa Sensory and Water Happy vision with you too.

The Swim Works International Aquatic Centre at Royal Leamington Spa has the capacity to put this ancient Roman spa town back on the map for what it was first built to be.

A place you come to learn and heal in water.

Come and join us.


Sensory smiles, Sophia & Jo x


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Working with water

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