We are often in a set pattern of DOING rather than BEING, racing to get from A to B, rushing through a schedule of activities

In the world of swimming in particular, the ethos of moving, doing, achieving has very much conditioned the way we think and teach in the pool. Set outcomes, distances, lessons which are planned down to each activity is commonplace. Teaching expressions such as “let’s line up, we are doing this activity now” are often shouted over the lesson’s drone.

LEARNING has been very much perceived as something that happens to us from the outside in; usually ‘spoon fed’ to us by an experienced teacher who one way or another knows best. There is little room to explore the lesson from the child’s perspective, at their own learning pace, or in their individual learning style.

ACHIEVEMENT has been rewarded by what we do, how well we do it and what we are told is best. A learned behavioural pattern that has been deeply ingrained into our brains for generations.

In the pool we set our schemes of work, using definitives within set criteria: “jump in, roll over and swim to the side”, “swim this distance, within this set time, by this age.”

Slowly by surely, we are now seeing a wave of change. Educators are now observing our children of today, demanding a new way of learning. Meeting their needs has become more obvious and necessary if we are to prevent a generational meltdown, so to speak.

Research developments are helping us to understand how learning takes place from the inside out.

Detailed reports on sensory perception, emotional intelligence, and learning that takes place from the womb have expanded our knowledge base exponentially.

In response to these observations, Aqua Sensory has been developing an attuned approach to learning in water.

We are taking our time, uniting our forces and investing our resources to WAIT, WATCH and WONDER. We are observing and asking as many questions as possible.

We have been forming collaborations with experts in their fields so that we can connect the dots that create a much bigger picture of the developing child than ever before.

Our job is to TRY, TEST and TUNE these theories and practices and to see how they can be applied in the pool and in our classes.

Tired Tested Tuned

As a result, we are rewriting our lesson plans, we are developing new approaches that are in tune with the child and we are carefully contributing to re-educating ourselves, our teachers and our parents.

Essentially we are allowing for new connections to form in the brain that are child-led, rather than persevering with an outdated approach to teaching that could actually be hampering our children’s development.

We are aware that many of us have been observing this shift taking place and we have all been looking for ways to adapt our practices. We firmly believe that together we can support and strengthen new connections which will better serve our future.

Together we make a difference.

If you are working on a project that resonates with this approach or you feel you have something to contribute in some way please don’t hesitate to contact our Aqua Sensory Tribe.

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