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Swim classes are full of sound!

The natural acoustics of the pool, the echoes, the buzz of air fans, voices of children, teacher’s instructions and in many baby and early learning swim lessons; rhymes and songs.

Here at Aqua Sensory we take ‘all’ the pool environment into consideration. We take a step back and think about how our children are processing these sounds through their auditory systems.

Depending on our intentions and class level, we also overlay our classes with music. Whether it is simply rhythmical tapping on the raft or introducing musical instruments that are suited to the pool. As we all know so well, there are so many benefits to music. There are also so many transferable benefits to learning to swim such as hand and eye coordination, proprioception, rhythm, and timing, as well as creating moments simply for pleasure and shared togetherness.

In today’s world, there also seems to be more of a sensory buzz around sound, more awareness of its healing properties and the vibrations that impact the whole body.

Here at Aqua Sensory, we are super excited to announce a collaboration with aquatic sound therapist Javier Gonzalez, who is a leading global authority on using sound in water.

Javier González was born in Mendoza, Argentina, where he currently resides. Javier is working with us here at Aqua Sensory and with Sophia Michalopoulou at #waterhappy to combine our expertise. We are bringing together our knowledge. We are exploring all mediums of sound, to create safe practices in the water for our babies, young children and sensory sensitive swimmers.

For example, research shows that people with a hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder perceive sounds in excess through their bodies. They process the information through the bone system instead of ears.

By becoming aware of the impact sound has on our bodies we begin to understand the effect it has!

In many cultures sound is used as a powerful tool for healing. Sound is a vibration that impacts our whole body.

When an acoustic vibration arrives in our ear, it triggers mechanical, chemical, and bioelectrical processes across the entire body which create a perception of sound and its emotional meaning.

Our perception of sound provokes biochemical changes (neural activity, production of neurotransmitters and hormones) which affect our body through the nervous and circulatory systems.

The second part of our collaboration is creating a Teacher Training Workshop called: SOUND, WATER AND BABIES. This is designed for; swimming instructors, aquatic therapists, any person working with music and sound around babies and young children.

This workshop will be held on Sunday 12th May, 2019 (10-4pm) at Swim Works International Aquatic Centre and Research Hub at Royal Leamington Spa, United Kingdom.

The intention for this workshop is to raise our awareness of how sound impacts our bodies so that we can use it safely and consciously in our practices. It is an introduction to the use of sound in water and its impact on the human system. This will be a fully immersive experience so attendees can feel the power and impact of sound both in and out of the water.

In water, it is easier for us to actually see how sound vibrations have a physical impact on human beings. Seeing vibrations can lead to further awareness and understanding.

Becoming aware of how using musical instruments or the sound of our voices has a profound impact when working with people in the water, can lead to safe practices.

Participants of our workshop will be introduced to the healing power of sound, experience the impact of its vibrations and practice using Tibetan and Crystal Quartz singing bowls to create harmony in the water.

For the last ten years, Javier González has been developing and training with aquatic therapies, such as Watsu®, Jahara, Aquarelax, Waterdance, Ai chi, and Bad Ragaz. He is also specialised in CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release® at the Upledger Institute in Argentina.

Through his extensive experience, he has managed to fuse these therapies and apply them through different perspectives, infusing them with the healing sound of the bowls. He is always learning and developing new ways of applying these with a therapeutic approach.

We do hope you can make this workshop, it promises to be a truly amazing experience, we welcome International participants. The workshop fee is £100.

For Bookings for our SOUND, WATER  AND BABIES workshop please contact:
Jo Wilson at
Sophia Michalopoulou at

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