As we come towards the end of the year and about to start the festive season with Christmas ahead, we reflect back on the very special moments we get to share together with you here at Aqua Sensory.

A joy shared is a joy doubled and we get to share this with you all year around.

Water connects us and it brings us closer with one another, it creates new strong connections naturally.

This year, we’ve seen an increase in the number of swimming workshops we have undertaken here in the UK and in a few pockets across the globe. All showing an appreciation of our sensory knowledge and expertise, to make swim classes more attuned to our children’s swim needs.

You can’t put a price on the joy of swimming. For our parents who attend our classes, this is their quality time spent bonding in the water, on the swim smiles, the achievements and the opportunity to take time out of their busy lives for a short time each week and focus on connecting with the most important thing in their world.

It is a great reminder in class to say – “Some of the most important things young child needs are FREE – security, love and your attention.”

Our classes are different here at Aqua Sensory in that we place an emphasis on our emotional development as well as our swimming skills.

We focus on empathy, love and empowerment through swimming. Our partnership approach in our classes informs parents and asks them to team with us, in their child’s early learning development.

A swimming class asks the gift of time from us all. In the pool, there are no mobile phones or wi-fi, just pure connection. Our time in water together is priceless.

In order to spread the joy of water even further we’re expanding our sensory expertise and online access. Watch this space so more swim teachers across the globe can join us our Tribe.

Cheers! Here’s to the joy of swimming!

It’s a magical time of year but all too often it’s over too soon…Swimming is the gift that keeps on giving by laying those important foundations in life.

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