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Aqua Sensory is full of collaborations and we have been working with Majbritt from a Sensory Integration Therapist and Swim Teacher and Educator from Denmark, for a while now. So, we were mega excited to help and support her on this new book and the English translation.

Sensory Integration in the Pool

We asked Majbritt; why she wrote her new book, her vision behind it and how her songs became a reality.  This is her story.

“Everywhere I went to tutor other swim instructors, they had a wish….. new songs!  They got tired of singing the same children songs. So, I started to create “my own lyrics” for known songs. The songs I designed for baby and toddler swim classes, were a huge success.

But I wanted to go one step further, to design new music that I could put holds and movements to, to aid sensory integration in the water. I was so happy to find the most perfect partner to write the new songs with and to put my ideas into music.

I first met Nanna through our children, they were friends at our local Kindergarten. I was telling her all about my idea, she thought it would be so beneficial, so SING AND SWIM takes off….this cooperation soon became the perfect synergy of the two worlds. Nanna, who is a genius in music has just released her own album.

She also plays and performs in an underwater band, so she is very familiar with the water. I studied music at college, I play the Saxophone, I work with children with sensory integration needs and I also have over 20 years’ experience, as a swim teacher and tutor. My background has proved invaluable, it is a powerful combination and has given me lots of joy creating this book.

The Australian University Griffith study shows that early swimming supports the child`s development in general, as well as their motor, social, cognitive and early communication skills. Music also supports a child’s development.

My vision was to combine music and movement in the pool to support children’s sensory development. But the best part of music in the pool for me .. is the joy it brings!  Our SING AND SWIM book creates a magic room in the pool, it supports early learning and facilitates close relationship for parents and carers. The combination is magical.”

SING AND SWIM can be purchased in the UK for £30 email for more information. International sales can be made through:


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