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At Aqua Sensory we Develop, Learn & Explore! We are constantly publishing new teaching materials that help us teachers and educators in develop, learn and explore too.

Have you come across our Aqua Sensory Swim Activity Booklets yet?

We first produced these swim activity booklets for our presentation at the World Infant Aquatics Conference in Australia earlier this year. They went down a treat!

From the feedback we’ve received in workshops and from our own observations, we’ve realised that perhaps the challenging part of this new sensory awareness is how to actually apply it in the pool.

So we’ve created 3 Aqua Sensory Swim Activity Booklets that do just that.

There are lots of pictures showing you how it could be done and enough sensory pointers to ignite your imagination further still. It’s all about our own creative imagination and the freedom we allow ourselves to play. And to ignite our children’s sensory channels, leading to greater development to support the ‘whole’ child.

Many of the toys and props you can see in the booklets, you may use already or are easy to find. It’s not about an additional expense but making good use of what you already have but with a new awareness.

Take sensory mirrors for example. We’ve all got a baby bath mirror or a version of them or another in our bag of swim tricks, right?

The Sensory Mirror Swim Activity Booklet gives you sensory ideas of how to use mirrors more effectively in the pool. From birth babies brains are primed to pick up on our expressions. So let’s smile, laugh and sing.

“Emotions are contagious!”

From Peekaboo to I Can Copy You too, our inner world is the limit to what we can do with these mirrors.

The Sensory Ring Activity Booklet gives you layered examples and age-appropriate activities in the pool using sensory rings. You can stack them, drive with them or simply swing on them too. It’s all about keeping things fun but taking things slow too.

You know that our Aqua Sensory ethos is all about respect of a child’s readiness to receive, so let’s watch and wonder with them too. We’ve tried and tested lots and you’ll soon be able to buy our favourite pool friendly mirrors from our NEW ONLINE SHOP.

One would never have thought that scarves could be any use in a pool, but our Scarf Activity Booklet proves otherwise. They’re soft, tactile nature works a treat both in the shallow and the deep. Just moving a scarf from side to side will strengthen eye tracking which is needed for reading and writing.

As we say goodbye for now, just sit with that fact for a second: so, so simple and yet so deep!

Take a peek at our shop and our sensory swim activity booklets all our activities develop the whole child on a social, physical and an emotional level too!

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