independence in the pool

How to create independence in the pool at an early age, through sensory discovery play….

Babies and young children naturally learn through their senses: they touch everything, want to put things in their mouth, to feel it and to taste it.

Why not try to mind shift and turn the everyday routines into more meaningful sensory experiences?

Here are three tips to help you to encourage independence in the pool;

TIP 1: Nappy time

Nappy changes can be a time for connection, talking your way through each stage and pausing to allow baby to give their reaction.

TIP 2: Bath time

Bath time can be a time of splashy play, followed by massage time.

TIP 3: Swim time

Swim times can be a chance to pack their bags, choose what towel they would like, take off their shoes when they arrive at the pool.

Simple steps lead to solid foundations. Bring joy into swimming and enjoy those simple moments. Less is definitely more!

At Aqua Sensory we love the Montessori approach, which very much allows the child to take the lead and for us to observe objectively in much more detail.

Why not mind shift and think of yourself not as a teacher but as a facilitator?

Or if you’re a parent, why not mind shift and think of yourself as a scientific observer?

Whilst in the pool and at home we can observe and question:

  • What fine or gross motor skills are they using?
  • What are they communicating?
  • What makes them smile?
  • What makes them become more clingy to us in the pool?

Of course, when they need help, we are there for them!

At Aqua Sensory, we believe in setting up a pool environment rich with sensory discovery play.

We look at our children as though they were OUR teachers, set up stations where THEY can choose and take risks. Of course, success doesn’t happen straight away but they will achieve more if you set up the pool to give them a range of opportunities to discover just what they are capable of.

This new way of seeing our role in the pool combined with this new way of setting up sensory discovery play… leads to happier, more fulfilled children.

Learning not just swim skills… but transferable skills for life!

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