Have you ever wanted to know all about all the valuable benefits of play?

Do you want to take the pressure off your children in the pool? 

Would you like swim lessons to be more than outcomes and progression? 

Do you want to allow children to learn at their own pace and to ‘trust’ in their abilities and allow the natural process of swimming?

That is what Aqua Sensory is all about… guiding parents and giving swim schools the tools to help them. 

Like our new ‘play parent video’.

Why can’t the pool be used for more than simply a place to swim?

Smart parents allow their child to play, just look at all the wonderful skills our children are learning in the pool…. like working on a task and completing it to the end, using logic and reasoning, gaining a sense of spatial orientation and being with others to create teamwork and social play.

Skills needed to give our children a head start in school.  

Forget about life’s wrinkles and enjoy life’s little sprinkles!

Children naturally enjoy the pool for its sensory magic and joy. They marvel at the beauty of the water ripples and waves, the sounds, echoes and splashes. 

Here are a few water ideas you can try in the pool or at home …

  • Blowing to make ripples
  • Cups to fill and pour
  • Talk about washing hair – parent & child interaction
  • Seaweed scarfs to collect under the sea
  • Water world fun – set up toys above and below the water line to collect
  • Water splashing fun – who can splash the biggest (try different body parts)

Impromptu play at the end of a swim session is great fun, is the best where the child takes the lead and uses their imagination.

Allow the child to move around the pool in unstructured ways and dynamic ways. 

Our world is full of straight lines and flat screens, it will give their brain and their body stronger connections, leading to better balance, coordination and motor control.

Join in the discussion … how are you playing in the pool?

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