Children everywhere need Aqua Sensory™…….so we need more swim schools to become sensory aware!

I know this sounds like a bold statement, but it’s hard to ignore what’s happening around us. Children are naturally sensory aware. They are making the sensory shift for us. They are coming to our swim schools with a new sensitive awareness. They are much more aware of smells, they are tuning into a new level of sound, they can have a heightened sense of touch.

We cannot fail the children who come to us. They are too important.

The reason I am making this point and being so bold is that I want to ask you if you’re ready to help and guide them. Our children are ready to receive our guidance and support, but are we there for them?

At Aqua Sensory™, sensory awareness and child development are at the core of what we do and we’d love you to join us in our mission to help more children and their families become sensory aware. The evidence-based benefits of sensory awareness are unquestionable. All we need to do is enable more children to access it. And this is where you come in.

We’ve developed some high-quality training that you can access in person or online. Our online training is the most convenient and is split into two courses.

Our foundation course gives teachers all the whys, whats and hows of Aqua Sensory™. We have had great feedback! The course is easy to access, easy to complete and all the videos act as a reference point for the future. We give lifetime free updates too!

But the course we want more swim teachers to complete is our online advance courseWhen you sign up, this is what is waiting for you …. 

  • 10 meaty modules that include videos and downloadable manual
  • Each module includes a quiz to test your knowledge
  • Over 100 pages full colour manual
  • Our successful lesson tips
  • Our songs that you can use during swim lessons
  • How to help sensory sensitive children

The ‘more’ we can create sensory harmony so the pace of the activities feel in time with our swimmers sensory needs, the ‘more’ in balance and comfortable our swimmers will feel.

And guess what ….

 .. ‘the more’ …. effective our swim programmes will become.

THIS is why I feel so passionate about Aqua Sensory™!

Why I feel so passionate about Aqua Sensory

by Jo Wilson - Founder, Aqua Sensory

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