In this two part blog series, we are going to explore the benefits of slowing down our activities in the pool.

We’ll be sharing the whys and hows of why this is important.

Part 1 – The difference between adult and child brains

In part 1, we explain how an adult’s brain processes sensory information at a different level and speed to that of a child’s.

Let’s imagine the activity in the pool is like a car journey. Both parent and child are experiencing the same activity, but did you know that their brains are processing all the information they receive at different speeds?

Often in the pool, during our transport week, we explain to parents our ‘car analogy.’

Imagine the parent and child are in a car, going fast down the motorway. The child’s view is much more prominent, they don’t have the sensory filters to push away all the sensory information.

A child’s world is going way too fast, sensory messages are in their face. Think of this like looking at the ‘white lines’ down on the road – they whizz by at a fast speed.

The adults pool time as a view of the world from a car will look and feel very different from that of a child’s.

An adult can see into the distance, their view is of the trees moving slowly at a pace they can process.

Back in the pool

Back in the pool, it makes sense that children are much more aware of things going on all around them.

Noises in the pool, smells, the taste and the pace of the session. They cannot push away the sensory messages like adults. Their brains are more sensitive. Adults have the ability to process and filter, their brains can push away sensory information that is not important. They can also process the information at a faster rate than that of a child’s.

So think of a child’s pool time as a view of the world from a car, try not to rush ….

Our message to you therefore, is that when we slow down, we process more and learn faster.

We take this approach with Aqua Sensory, slowing pool activities down to the child’s pace so that they experience more from it.


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